Fellowship – the building of the body of the Church

Yesterday I took a good many of our acolytes to Great Adventure as a thank you for their ministry throughout the year.  It was great fun, although I am starting to feel my age (only three roller coasters and Congo Rapids).  I arrived at St. Peter’s in May of 2004, in 2005 I began taking the acolytes on a “thank you” excursion to Great Adventure (once to Dorney Park).  We didn’t go the last two years, and some how we missed one other year.  I have a photo of the trip from each year we went, it is great to see how they grow up.  The years we didn’t go were because we had trouble getting a date that most could go because of vacations, etc.

As I reflect on this trip I am struck by how important is the fellowship/fun activities in building relationships and, therefore, building the church.  When I look over the photos and reflect on these kids (many are now in the work force), I can see how this activity  of fun/fellowship helped bring them together and keep them together.

Jesus didn’t teach his disciples 24/7, he ate meals with them, walked along the road together, shared all of the activities that would have been part of their everyday life for people on the road.  I think we need to find more opportunities in the church to share these everyday normal activities and find special times of fellowship/fun where we can build relationships that transcend Sunday morning worship/fellowship.  We can’t possibly build the body of Christ in one hour on Sunday morning.

St. Peter’s Acolytes at Great Adventure 2014

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